New Tom Mullen single, “Invisible Hand,” available today!

Middleport, Sept. 22, 2020. Skepticsongs is excited to announce the release of, “Invisible Hand” by Tom Mullen, the first single off Mullen’s forthcoming album, Into the Twilight, which will be available on October 6.

“I’ve had the chorus of this song cycling in my head for over ten years,” said Mullen. One day last year, I was humming the chorus and the first line of the first verse just popped out. So, I sat down to write the rest of the song before I forgot what I’d just done.”

Invisible Hand has already been downloaded by over 200 radio stations worldwide and is beginning to get significant airplay in Europe. A music video will be released within the next two weeks.

The single can be heard now on most popular music platforms, including:

Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and more.

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The Skeptics’ full-length CD Be Satisfied available for download now!


Skepticsongs recording artists The Skeptics have re-released their 1995 CD, Be Satisfied, 25 years after it made CMJ charts in several U.S. markets. The group’s debut CD features Tom Mullen on lead vocals and guitar, Mark Buckley on bass, Michael “Hairy” Harrier on lead guitar and vocals, and Tim Kelly on drums.

Be Satisfied is available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and most other digital music outlets. Sound samples and download links can be found here.

Mullen will perform all ten songs from the album acoustically tonight on Facebook Live  on what has become the #1 rated show in Royalton, NY for that time slot. A link to his Facebook Live feed is here.

World Tour dates are not yet confirmed.


The Skeptics

Tom Mullen: lead vocals, guitar
Mark Buckley: bass, vocals
Dave Levin: lead guitar, vocals
Dan Komanski: drums

Past members:
Mike Harrier: lead guitar, vocals
Tim Kelly: drums
Christ Swist: drums
Todd Krueger: drums

The Skeptics’ unique blend of melody and edge, harmony and power is gradually bringing them to the forefront of the alternative music scene in Western New York. Their first CD, Be Satisfied,  received airplay at over 100 college and commercial radio stations, several of which reported The Skeptics on their weekly College Music Journal (CMJ) airplay charts. The band released their latest EP, Reloaded, in 2019, which included Global Music Awards Bronze Medal winner, “South Beach.”

The Skeptics are known for their high-energy live performances, including headline shows in New York City, Pittsburgh, Rochester and Buffalo. Notable appearances include opening for national recording artists, 10,000 Maniacs, an appearance on Channel 4’s Nickel City Scene and two appearances on Channel 7’s A.M. Buffalo. The Skeptics have received heavy rotation on WEDG 103.3 FM, CKEY FM 101.1 The River, WBNY 91.3 FM, and numerous other radio stations.

The Skeptics have been described as “hard-driving, guitar-based rock ‘n’ roll,” with a “listener-friendly style” by Anthony Violanti of The Buffalo News, while Dale Anderson of Artvoice described their sound as “infectious.” Popular Australian music blog The Music Injection calls South Beach “a super catchy song.”

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Below is the title track from Be Satisfied:

The Holly Days say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Buddy Holly with new single, Words of Love

Buffalo, N.Y. September 7, 2019. The Holly Days paid the ultimate tribute to their inspiration, Buddy Holly, by releasing their second single on the rock and roll founding father’s birthday, September 7. “Words of Love” was originally released on the Coral Records label in 1957 and has been covered extensively since, including a notable version by the Beatles on their 1964 album, Beatles for Sale. The Holly Days’ version combines elements of both.

“We love both Buddy’s original version and the Beatles’ cover, so we incorporated parts of each of them,” said lead singer and guitarist Tom Mullen. “I played the guitar intro more like George Harrison but the rest of the song more like Buddy. Of course, George and I both played Buddy’s original guitar solo note for note – you don’t mess with perfection!”

Bassist Gregg Deinhart found inspiration in Paul McCartney’s 1964 bass line. “Words of Love’ is a perfect song for my 1967 Hofner Beatle bass, said Deinhart. “The Beatles did a great cover of this beautiful song and the McCartney bass line creates a nice pulse under the rich harmony and bright guitars of the song.”

However, drummer Dan Komanski found the Latin rhythm of the original more to his liking. “I wanted to capture the spirit of the original, which was inspired by all the Latin rhythms popular at the time, said Komanski. “To get a warmer, unique sound, I played with a pair of Hot Rods and made sure the snares were off.”

While Mullen and Deinhart have been singing this beautiful duet together for decades, Mullen overdubbed the harmony part with his own lead vocal, as Holly did on the original, which was an innovation in rock music at the time.

“We’re very pleased with the way the track came out,” added Mullen. “Getting Buddy’s rhythm guitar part up front, which is buried in the original mix, together with Dan’s work on percussion and Gregg’s bass line produced something that really swings more than any recording of the song I’m familiar with. We hope the fans find it faithful yet fresh and original.”

Sound samples and downloads are available at the most popular distribution sites (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.) here.

More information can be found at the Skepticsongs website.

Sneak Preview of new Holly Days Single To Be Released September 7, 2019

Western New York Buddy Holly tribute band The Holly Days, will release their second single, Words of Love, on Buddy Holly’s birthday, Saturday September 7, 2019. The song will be released on the Skepticsongs label, which has provided a sneak preview of the new track below.

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Western New York Buddy Holly tribute band, The Holly Days, release That’ll Be the Day

Western New York Buddy Holly tribute band, The Holly Days, will release their first single, “That’ll Be the Day,” on May 27, 2019, the 62nd anniversary of the original single’s release.

The Holly Days is a tribute to Buddy Holly and the Crickets formed by Buffalo natives and longtime band mates Tom Mullen, Gregg Deinhart and Dan Komanski. The three musicians have played together in numerous bands, including Her Majesty’s Secret Service, The Relative Four, The Incidentals and The Skeptics. When Mullen asked Komanski and Deinhart to play on his latest solo effort, Unfamiliar Ground, an impromptu jam session became a labor of love to recreate the magic of their myopic idol.

“This is something I’ve always wanted to do,” said Mullen. “Just like Buddy and drummer Jerry Allison, Dan and I have been playing together since high school, so we have that connection in addition to our love for the man!”

“Buddy Holly has always been an influence on The Skeptics’ music and the opportunity to record this tribute made so much sense to us,” observed Komanski.

“Without the incredible influence of Buddy Holly, rock and roll would have looked a lot different from the 1960s through today,” added Deinhart.

The single was recorded at Loft Studio in Cheektowaga, N.Y. and produced by Jim Sommer.

A sneak preview of the single can be heard here.

The Holly Days will release a second single on Buddy Holly’s birthday, September 7. More information can be found at