Review: Invisible Hand by Tom Mullen in Indieshark

What I really enjoyed about “Invisible Hand” is the song’s honesty. Mullen has integrity in his voice and the music foundation is pure rock and roll. He throws out a few politically charged lines, but overall, this isn’t one of those songs that will alienate listeners. He’s calm, but there is a glimmer of spunk in his voice. I don’t think he’s coming from a disillusioned viewpoint. I think he’s from a mature standpoint. His idea of social justice warrior is to be behind a microphone, armed with a guitar. I think, like the great poets of the 60s (Joan Baez, Buffalo Springfield and more) his heart is true. Dabbed with the tempo of an Elvis Costello track, “Invisible Hand” transforms the listener across several musical eras. It has that pull that takes you more into the nostalgic guitar worlds, but Mullen’s voice and overall vibe sounds perfectly modern.


“Invisible Hand” is part of Mullen’s anticipated sophomore solo album. He expects the collection to be out in early 2021. His last outing was 2018’s Unfamiliar Ground. What I’ve learned as new listener to Mullen is that his approach to music is unencumbered by any rhetoric or extra bells and whistles to his music. It’s raw, it’s genuine. “Invisible Hand” has a most subtle way of gripping the listener. It’s one of those slow burner songs that lingers for hours, and leaves a strong impression. I would highly recommend this song to the fans of the aforementioned groups (R.E.M., Elvis Costello and the Attractions) but also think fans of John Fogerty, The Smithereens and The Replacements will embrace Mullen’s exceptional skills. His kickoff to a new chapter in his career, is on solid ground.

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