Review: Invisible Hand by Tom Mullen in Independent Music and Arts, Inc.

The guitar feels like the real star of “Invisible Hand” and his Holly-influenced guitar playing is almost tangible. The guitar jumps out of the song, in happy-go-lucky sort of way. I felt a wave of nostalgia over me listening to “Invisible Hand” and it’s more about the vibe and the freedom of the guitar (and rock and roll) that Mullen seems to be communicating in my listening experience. You can almost reach out and touch the guitar strings, the guitar pic chunky-like riffs are pristine. The bass backbeat is very subtle, and to be honest, it might just be the reverb in the guitar that I’m confusing that rhythm with. It really transported me to a Back to the Future moment (Johnny Be Good!). “Invisible Hand” is a toe-tapper.

 I also felt a bit more interested in the economics and Wall Street after listening to Mullen’s words. I can’t call myself an expert in business by any stretch of the means, but he’s inspired me to do some further reading on the subject of free markets and what exactly the American society can do to sustain itself. I never imagined this when the song came across my inbox, but here we are. Unlike anything else I’ve heard in 2020, “Invisible Hand” is hands down one of the most unique.

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